EVA PERON Necklace
EVA PERON Necklace

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EVA PERON Necklace

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🙏We are privileged to honor her power, integrity, beauty, and strength with these elegant necklaces. They feature hydrangea petals immortalized in acrylic and accented with golden beads separated by pearls.
It takes a powerful woman to transform a nation, but Eva Peron was more than just a powerful woman.  She was born to poverty in Argentina, but rose be become a powerful political force in her country at a time when women were repressed.
As the wife of President Juan Peron, she became a powerful voice for women’s suffrage in Argentina.  She was also a huge supporter of the poor working class in her country. She was a woman who achieved great power, and yet never forgot her roots.  She was a major champion for the poor and down trodden.
Sadly, she died at a very early age.  If she had lived a little bit longer, there is no telling what she may have accomplished.